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United Way of Russia was established in 1993. its aim is to help meet critical basic needs across the at-risk communities and to foster philanthropy in our society and business community, thereby bettering the health of children and improving the educational system. With the help of their corporate partners, their objective is to create a program that can be presented at a Federal level and potentially implemented by the State across all the regions of the Russian Federation.

Their main education program is Future Starts Today. This educational program, co-founded with Citi-Foundation was initiated in 2008 in order to give children from low-income families a chance to attend extra classes in preparation for entry into colleges and institutes. The program enhances the education process by providing free tuition in basic schools subjects like psychological training to take exams, computer literacy group classes and more. In 2013, 91 pupils from age 14-18 received high-quality instruction in the subjects required to pass end-of-school exams. This has fundamentally changed their lives for the better, improving their overall self-esteem.

Благотворительный Рождественский Базар "Дорога вместе" 2014