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United Way Poland's mission since 1996 is to initiate a co-movement in Poland, a partnership of people of all backgrounds to improve the lives of disadvantaged people. Since its inception, the United Way gave the partner organizations across the country for more than 12 million. The Foundation raises funds and hosts assistance programs mainly through cooperation with companies. United Way organizes social events and charity auctions for companies wanting to connect with the activation of charity workers, supporting the development of employee volunteering.

Their major education program is Partnership for Children, established in 2006. It is a multi-year program focused on at-risk children and youth living in poverty that were born in multi-problem and marginalized families. Street pedagogues from United Way Poland take the children and youth to day-care centres – a safe place to learn, play and socialize – where they acquire the skills and confidence  they need to build a future.

Nikifors is dedicated to enhancing the lives of individual with mental disabilities, Overcome the Crisis aims to help people in difficult situations, Accompanying in Disease focuses on improving the quality of life for seriously ill people.
In an effort to meet these objectives, United Way Poland develops volunteer and payroll programs. 

nikifory dla Centrum Onkologii / nikifors for Oncology Center