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Photo of Megan Tracz

Megan Tracz is the Director of Public Policy and Advocacy at United Way Worldwide where she is responsible for advancing policies that help families become financially stable. In her role, Megan represents United Way before Congress and in national coalitions, and engages the network of 1,200 local and state United Ways in advocating for key national priorities.

Prior to joining United Way Worldwide, Megan served as Advocacy and Public Policy Manager at United Way Silicon Valley and as a Regional Advocacy Coordinator with United Ways of California. In that capacity, Megan built the advocacy foundation for United Way Silicon Valley, establishing the organization’s first policy agenda, and advanced local, state and federal policies around children’s health, 2-1-1 and food access.

Megan has also worked for the San Jose State University Foundation and is an AmeriCorps*VISTA alumna.

Megan received her Bachelor of Science in Policy Analysis and Management from Cornell University and is currently pursuing a Masters in Public Administration at the George Washington University.

Blog Posts by Megan Tracz

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What would you do if you knew there was a proven solution that lifts millions of children and working families out of poverty each year… a tool that, at the same time, also improves child health and academic achievement, enables financial stability for hard-working families, and pumps billions of dollars back into local communities around the country?You’d probably want to talk about it. You’d probably want as many of your friends, family and community to know about this amazing resource.